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Fundamentals of Economic Development Reading Class Slides Assignment
1 What is Development?
2 Measuring Development
3 Can We Plan an Economy?
Models of Economic Development Reading Class Slides Assignment
4 The Microeconomics of Development
5 The Macroeconomics of Development
Policies & Exogenous Factors
6 Foreign Aid
7 Geography and Other Uncontrollable Factors
Short Paper 1 due Wed Oct 30
Institutions and Political Economy Reading Class Slides Assignment
8 Introduction to Political Economy
9 The Pre-modern Malthusian Economy
10 The Natural State and the Violence Trap
Making Comparisons and Case Studies Reading Class Slides Assignment
11 The Origins of Liberal Democracy in Western Europe
12 Russia and the Post-Communist Transition
13 State Capitalism: East Asian Style
14 Extractive Institutions: Latin America and Africa
Short Paper 2 due Dec 6 by email
Country Profile due Dec 9
Final Exam